Speaking with Sons of Liberty’s Tim Brown on Trump’s Betrayal

I had the pleasure of speaking with Tim Brown, a Christian patriot and host of Sons of Liberty about a host of topics, including Trump’s betrayal of the American people — and his relationship with disgraced superlobbyist Jack Abramoff. You can watch the video here. Tim requested a statement from me on why I no longer support Trump, after having…

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Appearing on The Jeff Rense Show to Discuss Abramoff, Trump, and the Department of Justice

Back in 2007/8, I had uncovered a conspiracy against Republican superlobbyist Jack Abramoff involving lobbyists connected to Sen. John McCain, Donald Trump, and others, to manufacture a scandal to have him removed as lobbyist so that they could claim his lucrative book of casino business for themselves. The scandal began in Florida, where interests associated with the Seminole Tribe of…

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Exploring the Black Nobility with Meri Crouley on Now is The Time

I was delighted to appear on Now is The Time with Meri Crouley to explore how Jesus established the divine right (rite) to rule — and an illegitimate elite overthrew God’s Kingdom on Earth and established illegitimate governments throughout the world. Watch the show here. The discussion is based upon my book, Royal Blood Lies. My book, Tartar Treachery, traces…

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Revisiting Election Fraud with Daniel Davis on Beyond 50 Radio

I had the pleasure of speaking with Daniel Davis on Beyond 50 radio about Donald Trump’s claim that the 2020 presidential election was stolen — and whether a red wave will sweep across the country. You can hear the discussion here. For the backstory on the 2020 presidential election and insurrection of January 6th, please see my book, The 2020…

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Jesus Rises on the Red Pill Cartel

The inspirational Dan Butt, and I discuss Royal blood lines, elite deceptions, God, the role of Jesus in establishing the international financial system, God’s kingdom on Earth, and common law — along with the importance of living a Christ-filled life on the Red Pill Cartel. You can listen to the audio here.

Speaking with Patrick Timpone about Trump

In this interesting conversation, I joined Patrick Timpone on One Radio Network to evaluate Donald Trump’s performance as President and ultimate betrayal of his devoted MAGA base. The discussion is based upon my books, The End of Globalism — and The 2020 Election Steal and Cover Up. Listen to the discussion here.

Talking Jesus and Divine Rites with Jim Fetzer

Prof. Jim Fetzer and I discuss why the elites buried the truth surrounding Jesus. As I reveal, Jesus fulfilled Jewish prophecy to establish God’s government, along with an international banking system to capitalize it. The secret held tightly by the Royal families and elites is that Jesus survived the crucifixion to sire children and establish the “divine right (rite) to…

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Discussing Elon Musk with Jeff Rense

This month, the iconic Jeff Rense, host of the Jeff Rense Show, and I discussed Tesla CEO Elon Musk, global gold rigging, China’s influence on immigration and lithium markets, and other interesting topics. You can listen to this fascinating discussion here.

Exploring Globalism with Nino

This is my second appearance on David Nino Rodriguez’s Show. Together Nino and I take a peek behind the curtain of globalism to reveal important truths hidden in plain sight….