Talking Jesus and Divine Rites with Jim Fetzer

Prof. Jim Fetzer and I discuss why the elites buried the truth surrounding Jesus.
As I reveal, Jesus fulfilled Jewish prophecy to establish God’s government, along with an international banking system to capitalize it.
The secret held tightly by the Royal families and elites is that Jesus survived the crucifixion to sire children and establish the “divine right (rite) to rule” through bloodline and initiation — a claim usurped by the Vatican (and later, the Rothschild financial dynasty) which sought to appoint their own rulers and claim the authority to rule over God’s people for themselves.
A direct descendant of King David, Jesus was transformed into an invention of tradition at the Council of Nicea.
If Jesus could be portrayed as having no heirs and no antecedents, the Vatican’s claim to God’s temporal authority would remain unchallenged…until the truth came to light.
The Vatican and Rothschilds were prepared to move heaven and earth to ensure the truth remained buried forever so that their illegitimate claims to power would remain unchallenged.
Common law, the international banking system,  rulers who were public servants, “noble” aristocrats, and  God’s architects  (the freemasons) are among Jesus’ legacies that Rothschilds and Vatican corrupted.
As this discussion reveals, the Great Reset is no less than Chinese-inspired philosophy imposed upon a Godless society by the Vatican, Rothschilds, and City of London to replace God’s kingdom.
The New World Order was established upon a foundation of deceit, lies, and treachery that will not withstand scrutiny or the people’s growing awareness of the truth.
Watch the discussion here.

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