Appearing on The Jeff Rense Show to Discuss Abramoff, Trump, and the Department of Justice

Back in 2007/8, I had uncovered a conspiracy against Republican superlobbyist Jack Abramoff involving lobbyists connected to Sen. John McCain, Donald Trump, and others, to manufacture a scandal to have him removed as lobbyist so that they could claim his lucrative book of casino business for themselves.

The scandal began in Florida, where interests associated with the Seminole Tribe of Florida insinuated themselves into Abramoff’s effort to purchase the SunCruz casino fleet, designing the load to implode the business and eliminate it as competition.

Abramoff was delighted to receive my exculpatory evidence, but then, to my surprise, did not use it to challenge his pleas with the Department of Justice. Instead he perceived this as leverage to resuscitate his lobbying career and get in with the establishment, which had driven the scandal against him, so that he could go on making money. He wasn’t even concerned with the $80 million restitution he owed the tribes as he stood to be make hundreds of millions, possibly billions more.

After all, he was protecting the Rothschilds, Trump, powerful lobbyists, among others, the very interests that are looting and subverting the federal government, stripping the American people of their assets, and imposing tyranny upon the world.

My research on Abramoff led me uncover the machinations and networks of the Deep State, which I have reported on in my books, but this has come at a terrible cost to me.

Abramoff and his associates sabotaged my book deal with a major publisher – and then facilitated federal copyright infringement by passing my work along to Jo Becker of the New York Times and Gary Chafetz, a friend of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and Trump attorney, Alan Dershowitz, so that they could spin the story I had uncovered against McCain to derail his presidential campaign.

But for McCain, powerful people would have gotten away with the crime of the century. McCain was complicit in the fraud that I had uncovered, but so were Abramoff, Trump, and many others. Once I discovered Abramoff’s collusion with an FBI Special Agent to cover up alleged federal crimes, I had to come forward.

I filed a whistle blower complaint with the FBI. Hours later, Mar-a-lago was raided. Not sure if my complaint precipitated the raid, but the timing was uncanny.

I am loathe to discuss the details of the Abramoff investigation at this time as it was very painful for me – as it came at a tremendous personal and financial cost. I was devastated so that others could profit and cover up crimes. Others lost their lives.

I touch on some of the highlights in my recent interview with the iconic Jeff Rense, a rare radio host who is genuinely fighting for the Republic and above influence. You can hear the interview here:

(c) Susan Bradford, 2022

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