Speaking with Sons of Liberty’s Tim Brown on Trump’s Betrayal

I had the pleasure of speaking with Tim Brown, a Christian patriot and host of Sons of Liberty about a host of topics, including Trump’s betrayal of the American people — and his relationship with disgraced superlobbyist Jack Abramoff. You can watch the video here.

Tim requested a statement from me on why I no longer support Trump, after having written books that supported him. This is my response:

A few are asking why I no longer support Donald Trump. In truth, I have always been skeptical of him. When he announced that might run for President in 2012 to challenge the Deep State, I was incredulous as he was the epitome of the Deep State. (Please see my book, Lynched, on the Abramoff investigation for details.)

In 2016, I was inspired by his message and professed love for our country. I understood the perils the United States was facing and was willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt, that he would do right by the American people. I concluded that he understood the problems facing the country and that was he was uniquely qualified to challenge them, having worked within the system. He knew the players and the game.

It soon became apparent that his words did not match his deeds. For a while, I tried to differentiate between Trump and his Administration, which was packed with Deep Staters. Like many, I wanted to believe that Trump was who he professed to be, though there was a growing disconnect between his words and actions.

In my pro-Trump books, I have documented how personnel within his Administration were advancing a globalist agenda. At the same time, I was also privy to knowledge that the Rothschilds had lost their contractual control of the British Crown in 2015 and were required to return it to the true Christian heirs. With the fall of Rothschild, the illegitimate governments they had established around the world appeared to be conceding to Trump, giving credence to the notion that Trump was serving a role of clearing out globalist rot to usher in a new world rooted in integrity, legitimacy, and rule of law.

The changes we saw, including revelations surrounding Jeffrey Epstein, would have happened, regardless of who the President was.

Throughout his term, the disconnect between what Trump said and what he actually did grew, but I wanted to give him every benefit of the doubt.

The final straw came during the election of 2020. On election night, I appeared on American Media Periscope to provide commentary on the election. In my state of Virginia, Trump was ahead in the polls. The enthusiasm for him in this Democratic stronghold was palpable. Trump signs filled the grounds around polling stations while people flocked to his rallies. Biden, on the other hand, could hardly generate any enthusiasm.

While I was on air, I actually saw the votes flip in real time. Trump was rapidly losing votes while Biden was gaining them. There appeared to be some type of electronic interference.

After appearing on the show, I received audio in which Nations in Action CEO Maria Zack professed to have evidence (video, affidavits, etc.) that the election was rigged by the people who did it. The firm at the center of the rigging, she said, was Leonardo SpA, an Italian defense contractor.

Based upon Zacks’ testimony, President Obama had laundered money from his Iranian deal through the Vatican as part of an effort to keep the globalist agenda on track. This was the money used to rig the election.

Zack said she was being advised on this matter by Trump advisor Newt Gingrich, whose wife was Ambassador to the Vatican. (Gingrich is a globalist.) Trump’s Ambassador to Rome oversaw the effort, she said.

Upon receiving this information, I discovered that the lobbying firm on record for Leonardo was Ballard Partners – Trump’s largest fundraiser and which employs such leading Trump allies as Pam Bondi. The firm also employs Obama’s Middle East advisor, Robert Wexler, who heads Ballard’s Israeli office.

Zack acknowledged that many patriots had submitted applications to work in the Trump Administration, but these were discarded without so much as a second glance. Instead, she said, the Administration was packed with Deep Staters. Among the firm serving on the Trump Transition Team on these appointments was Ballard.

Not only that but Ballard had partnered with many of the key Administration officials, some of whom later led the effort to challenge election fraud. Together these officials and Ballard were cutting deals all over the world and championing the interests of foreign governments.

Once the election fraud story broke in Italy, Trump’s team tried to get ahead of it.

Zack said she passed her evidence along to Rudy Giuliani, with Steve Bannon listening in on the conversation. The evidence was given to Trump and passed along to Gen. Michael Flynn and Mark Meadows, among others.

Since Trump had signed an EO in 2018 allowing him to take actions to challenge foreign interference in our elections, he could have challenge the fraud then and there. How could he challenge the fraud if he had been caught rigging the election against himself?

The story from Italy was quickly buried – though I reported the details of what is known and what transpired in my book, The 2020 Election Steal…and Cover Up.

Trump easily could have evoked the EO or brought forth the evidence he had received from Zack. He did neither. Instead he staged January 6th. Of note, the lobbying firms on record which represented Washington, DC during the debacle were TheGroupDC (which is manned by Obama campaign workers) and Ballard.

Trump supporters were deliberately led into a trap – and labeled domestic terrorists, fulfilling an agenda sought by Obama and globalists – to criminalize patriotism.

Trump personnel, who were cutting deals with Ballard overseas, used incendiary rhetoric to promote violence on January 6th. These same people never brought forth the evidence but instead launched ridiculous law suits that were rejected over procedural errors. While lending the appearance that the “Deep State” was preventing the suits from going forward, their own errors were responsible.

Trump raised a fortune over election fraud, but instead of using that money to challenge the fraud, he pocketed it.

“Q-Anon” groups promoted a false narrative that Trump was secretly still the President and would be returning, creating a false reality that separated families and spurred tremendous cognitive dissonance among the patriot movement.

While Flynn has acknowledged Q-Anon to be a psych-op, there was a Q-Anon division within the Trump White House. I know as John Michael Chambers, the founder of AMP, said that his channel was followed by this division. Patriot channels were receiving and promoting the false Q-anon information as reliable intelligence.

I immediately challenged the argument that Trump would ever return, on grounds that he had no plans on serving a second term as he had rigged his own election against himself – and was caught doing so.

Worse, the greatest promoters of election fraud were running with false information, hiding the actual evidence. These same individuals – who were cutting deals with Ballard around the world, were behind the organizations investigating election fraud. Their efforts raised a fortune from patriots to support Trump, only to reaffirm the election for Biden. Flynn was among the worst offenders.

Leading Trump ally, Mike Flynn, was also working with Pegasus software, which was designed by Israelis, to track, trace, and eliminate dissidents. The picture that emerges around Trump is very dark and cynical. These people were campaigning on God and country while stuffing their pockets and serving the interests of globalist dictators.

One of my friends, who is a staunch Trump supporter and close to Mike Lindell, acknowledged the role of Trump’s Team in rigging the election to secure Biden’s win. Why did Lindell promote false election fraud claims? To boost his business, she said. As for Trump? She said he knew the economy would crash in the next term and thought it would hurt his brand – and so he wanted Biden to serve in his place and take the blame.

What Trump did is unforgivable, in my opinion. He betrayed the patriot movement and betrayed the American people. Even long-term Trump lobbyist Roger Stone acknowledged that Trump ended up betraying everyone. In other words, Trump was just being Trump. He does not merit the support of the American people.

5 thoughts on “Speaking with Sons of Liberty’s Tim Brown on Trump’s Betrayal

  1. Roger Stone is currently with Gen Flynn on the ReAwaking Tour, a Pro Trump organization.

    Q is not Q-Anon. They are not the same.

    Why would Trump put in executive orders to investigate and prosecute voter fraud
    Why would Biden extend it – twice.

    1. Research Flynn and “Cyber Ninjas.” Also look into Lin Wood’s criticisms of Flynn’s efforts.

      I don’t follow Q or Q-Anon. I do know there was a Q/Q-Anon division within the Trump White House which monitored and engaged patriot, alternative media sites. I have appeared on a few shows whose hosts discuss Q-posts, but I have never followed “Q.”

      “Voter fraud” was used as a pretext to implement changes that would make it more difficult for populist candidates to win. Instead “election reform efforts” support shutting outsiders out and securing the elections of “establishment” candidates masquerading as “patriots.” They want to collect meta-data on patriot voters so they can identify who these people are, monitor their social media posts, etc. and craft their messaging accordingly so that it resonates with voters and helps them win elections.

      Consider, for example, that Hans Von Spakovsky served on Trump’s Election Integrity Commission, which was tasked with exploring voting integrity in California. The Commission never fulfilled this mandate — but instead attempted to acquire data on voters throughout the entire nation. Eventually the Commission was disbanded over privacy violations, having accomplished nothing.

      Von Spakovsky has worked with Heritage Foundation on “restoring election integrity.” Mother Jones reported that the Republicans were less concerned with integrity than securing elections for favored candidates.

      Previously, Von Spakovsky worked with Maria Zack of Nations in Action/Quantum Solutions. Zack was a fundraiser for Ted Cruz, who worked with Cambridge Analytica/Facebook to harvest personal data for campaign purposes. Once Cruz bowed out, Cambridge Analytica worked with Trump to serve this purpose.

    2. It’s called controlling the narrative from multiple perspectives. It will be, and probably already is (except in the case of ignorance) one day that unless someone is a true follower of Jesus Messiah and everything they say kind up with scripture you cannot and should not trust them.

  2. I appreciate your work Ms. Bradford, and did have a chance to catch this segment on Sons of Liberty. As you are an excellent professional journalist and researcher, I thought some of Amy’s work might be of interest. She is no longer posting, but others have mirrored her podcasts to keep them in circulation. Thanks for all that you do to uncover what is true.
    Best Regards.

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