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Spotlight on the Judiciary: Connections and Patterns Linking Abramoff Scandal, Mike Gill, Drug Trafficking, and Corrupt Attorneys

In a tweet, Henry Makow characterized whistle-blower Mike Gill as “a grifter & liar. The links to all of his mortgage & horse racing fraud can be provided. There is certainly racketeering going on in New Hampshire. Along with Colorado, California, Arizona etc. However, Gill was part of it.”

Others have accused Gill of reinventing himself as a whistle-blower after he failed to acquire a position within the Trump Administration. While his fawning praise of Donald Trump is a little suspect, given what is now known of our former president, many faithful patriots have been bamboozled through sophisticated marketing campaigns – myself included. We are all on a learning curve. The depth of corruption within our institutions is unfathomable to most.

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