This week, on The Susan Bradford Show, I had the pleasure of interviewing conservative Jewish sociologist Charles Moscowitz on his latest book, The Anti-Semitic Deception. Together we explore the misconceptions surrounding Judaism in the wake of the rising tide of anti-Semitism as part of an ongoing effort to dispel misapprehensions, build trust, and forge understanding as friends, colleagues, and children of God.

As I have reported extensively, the problems that confound the United States were centuries in the making. Jews and Christians established the United States as a Judaeo-Christian nation — whose sovereignty, Biblical values, and financial independence were challenged from the beginning by the corrupt financial interests surrounding the City of London and the Vatican.

The Jews have both been scapegoated and played prominent roles in the agenda, which is not based upon Judaism, but upon Satanic principles anathema to it. All races, colors, and creeds have both participated and been victimized by the dark forces ruling the world.

Our appeal is one of reinforcing our shared fealty to Biblical values and to unite in our shared humanity, as God’s people, against the forces that seek to divide us.

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Charles Moscowitz


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