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FDA Approval for Anti-Blood Clotting Drugs Coincides with First Case of Covid

Disclaimer: The author is neither a medical physician nor a scientist and is therefore not qualified to establish any causal relationships between the distribution of covid vaccines and reports of blood-clots that spiked afterward. No scientific or medical information is provided beyond that which is already available in the public domain. The author is merely reporting financial relationships among special interests surrounding the pharmaceutical industry. The reader is invited to do his or her own research and arrive at his or her own conclusions.

The timing is curious. Right after the first reported case of the coronavirus, the federal government rushed approval, after previously denying, the production of generic versions of an extremely profitable blood thinner drug. This approval was granted before a heavily marketed campaign to compel the public to take the vaccine. Doctors and morticians have since come forward to report a high occurrence of blood clotting among the vaccinated, possibly establishing a causal relationship between the two – that the vaccines caused the blood clots.

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