In recent years, the media has shed light, albeit dishonestly, on the egregious human rights abuses perpetrated by elites, including, by not limited to, forced labor, pedophilia, genocide, and sex trafficking. To deflect attention from devastating truths unfolding in plain sight, the media has crafted compelling, but false, narratives that lure the public back to sleep, preventing them from acquiring the clarity and resolve needed to treat the growing cancer in our midst as tyranny advances. Perhaps none is more blatant than the last interview Ted Bundy granted, before his execution, to Focus on the Family‘s James Dobson, who somehow managed to humanize the serial killer and blame his vicious genocide and sexual assaults on young women around the country on pornography, thereby covering up and normalizing a devastating secret within the inner core of the Republican party and the global elite – that of elite-sanctioned human trafficking, murder, and exploitation in the name of profits.

There is no question that pornography degrades participants and viewers, strips victims of their humanity, and reduces people to disposable commodities. Pornography is addictive, like a drug, leading consumers to act out on dark impulses.

Before his execution, Bundy, who had murdered, tortured, and defiled the bodies of countless young women, even to the point of engaging in necrophilia, told a sympathetic Dobson, “We (killers) are your sons and husbands. We grew up in regular families. Pornography can reach in and snatch a kid out of any house today.”

What the men did not address was the source of the problem. While the damaging impact of pornography can’t be underestimated, most users aren’t inspired to commit necrophilia, rape, torture, and murder after viewing it. The interview apparently served to deflect attention from an agenda smoldering within the City of London and led by Rothschild – that of gutting the moral substance of Christian nations so that authoritarianism can be imposed upon the world as part of a wider agenda to establish a global monopoly on wealth and power in which human life holds no intrinsic value.

Scratch the surface of Dobson, and one finds Christian hypocrisy. As has already been reported on this blog and within my books, Dobson served on the Board of the National Gambling Impact Study Commission, which essentially established Rothschild’s marching orders for the nation’s casino industry – one that included eliminating the SunCruz gambling commission on behalf of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, a Trump-backed federally recognized tribe deeply embedded within international money laundering, the international crime syndicate and which is financially linked to the Crown and Rothschilds.

The Bundy murders may very well have been orchestrated as part of Tavistock Institute-inspired campaign to shock the nation and to gather data for psychological conditioning, but this is speculation. While the murders were likely real, many reported on Bundy’s changing face. One of the reasons he was able to elude authorities for so long was that few actually recognized him from his mug shots. Whether Bundy was one individual or a series of actors playing the role of Ted Bundy, what is clear is that he was a product of the Republican political establishment.

A Creature of the Political Establishment

While embarking upon his crime spree, Bundy maintained a persona of the paragon of Christian rectitude, leading colleagues to describe him as “a perfect example of modern Republican.”

He entered politics as a volunteer for the Seattle office of New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller’s 1968 presidential campaign. The Rockefellers were deeply involved in the occult.

The satanic abuses in which Bundy participated were part of a wider darkness within the political establishment, reflected, for example, in recent discoveries of sacrificial altars on Jekyll Island, the venue where international bankers secretly conceived the idea for a Federal Reserve.

Seattle would also have placed Bundy within the city that is “the gateway to globalism.” Seattle has given rise to Boeing, a major defense contractor; Microsoft; and many other aspiring monopolists, like Amazon and Zillow.

In 1968, Bundy, a student of psychology, attended the Republican National Convention as a Rockefeller delegate and worked on the re-election campaign of Washington Gov. Daniel Evans as a spy and an actor. In this role, he posed as different people to gather intelligence on Evan’s opponent. Four months later, Bundy began raping, murdering, and otherwise defiling women.

Why was Dobson selected for this interview, and why did the Focus on the Family founder agree to it? The killer “had something important to say, and he believed the media couldn’t trusted to report it accurately; therefore, I was invited to bring a camera crew to record his last comments from death,” Dobson said.

Yet, Dobson was not a preacher, but a political activist, raising money to lobby state and federal governments and elect officials who would legislate Christian morality to advance the agendas of powerful special interests. His interview with Bundy generated over $1 million, nearly three-quarters of which he donated to anti-pornography and anti-abortion groups.

Yet, as reflected in his lobbying campaigns with Jack Abramoff and the Christian Coalition’s Ralph Reed, Dobson is known for his shameless appeals to Christian morality to block casinos that stand to challenge the monopolies of those his allies favor.

Bundy’s interview with Dobson undermined Christianity, a professed goal of the Satanic elite – as it was within this context that his evil was spurred. “That’s part of the tragedy of this whole situation,” Bundy said. “I grew up in a wonderful home with two dedicated and loving parents, as one of five brothers and sisters. We, as children, were the focus of my parent’s lives. We regularly attended church. My parents did not drink or smoke or gamble. There was no physical abuse or fighting in the home. (It) was a fine, solid Christian home.”

And then one day he stumbled upon pornography, which his faith should have informed him to avoid. Bundy then described how he was overcome by “something that is almost a separate entity inside,” as if alluding to mind control or demonic possession.

With an eye on the dollars, Dobson pushed Bundy to determine when he decided to kill, transforming the public into voyeurs. “Do you remember what pushed you over (the) edge,” Dobson prodded. “Do you remember the decision to go for it?”

He then asked, “After you committed your first murder, what was your emotional effect,” almost as if soliciting information as part of a study on murder for those who might wish to understand their own compulsions to rape and murder a woman before defiling her corpse.

Bundy described “being possessed by something so awful and alien, and the next morning waking up and remembering what happened and realizing that in the eyes of the law, and certainly in the eyes of God, you’re responsible. To wake up in the morning and realize what I had done with a clear mind, with all my essential moral and ethical feelings intact, absolutely horrified me.”
The killer attributed his compulsions to alcohol and pornography, a decent cover story that somehow defies common sense. Why would decent women, seeing Bundy drunk and reeking of alcohol, agree to help him, much depart with this stranger? If he were consumed with salaciousness and frenzied madness, wouldn’t women intuitively be leery of him? Instead, he seemed quite normal and sober throughout his encounters, based upon witness reports.

It was almost as if he had been groomed to execute a sociological and psychological experiment to test the feelings an otherwise normal person might experiences through and after murder, to document how society responds to evil, particularly to those who would otherwise seem law abiding and moral, as devils among us.

The Nazi Themes Surrounding Bundy

Notoriously, Bundy drove a Volkswagen Beetle. This detail is important as, Newsweek reported, the car “is a staple in stories about him as well as the criminal proceedings that landed him with three sentences to death. (The) car was a tool for Bundy. It housed his murder tools, victims, and transported him to and away from his crime scenes. (It) was considered a sidekick or an accomplice to his deeds, and in court, it held up as being one of the key pieces of information that tied Bundy to the crimes.”

In Stranger Beside Me, Ann Rule, a Bundy co-worker, observed that Bundy maintained that he didn’t even own a car and that he had to enlist others to drive him home. That he committed his murder through the a separate car while forgoing one for work, reflects that these weren’t necessarily crimes of passion, but pre-meditated. The VW Bug is a hat tip to the Nazi death cult.

The elite are known to leave their elite calling cards to signal their activities to others in the know and as an inside joke.

As the BBC reported, Nazi leader Adolf Hitler came up with the idea for the bug: “In 1945, a rare and curious Volkswagen car was shipped from its bomb-damaged German factory to England. Here, a commission of leading British motor manufacturers, chaired by Sir William Rootes, inspected the small, streamlined saloon. (The) remarkable thing about the Beetle is not just the sheer number of sales, but the fact that a car developed from an idea of Adolf Hitler’s was to become as loved by Californian surf dudes, college kids and free lovin’ hippies as it was desired by fervent Nazis. Herbie – the anthropomorphic star of six Hollywood movies beginning with The Love Bug in 1968 – was the same car German families had saved up for before Hitler’s invasion of Poland dashed their hopes.”

“Volkswagen” literally translates into “the people’s car.”

This company employed forced labor from concentration camps who were not compensated, forced to live in substandard conditions, denied adequate nutrition, and outright abused while generating untold profits.

Celebrating the Life of Ted Bundy

Another tell that Bundy was Rothschild’s man is the degree to which he has been deified within the media as a celebrated personification of evil. The elite like to devote resources to marketing and celebrating their agents of change who drive and shape history. The media created him; he was then immortalized in film, most recently in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, a film released by Netflix, which has partnered with Barack and Michelle Obama’s Higher Ground Productions, released docuseries with Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle – and which celebrated and dramatized the Crown, Prince Philip, and the Rothschilds.

If Bundy’s warning to Dobson was that the media’s depiction of evil inspires copycats like himself, why would anyone, but those who wished to perpetrate it, dramatize his abuses, imbuing the images of his crimes into the public consciousness?

The film was directed by Joe Berlinger, who began his career working for an advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather in Frankfurt, Germany, the center of Rothschild power. The firm was founded by David Ogilvy, who worked for British Intelligence Service in the British Embassy in Washington, DC during World War II, analyzing intelligence and making recommendations on matters of diplomacy and security.

Ogilvy worked at the secret Camp X, an elite Canadian spy school, where he mastered the art of propaganda. Reminiscent of the elite blackmail operations, he was trained in sabotage and ruining reputations. Established in 1941 by Sir William Stephenson, a spymaster and the Chief of British Security Coordination, who was a close confidante of Prime Minister Winston Churchill; and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the camp worked with MI6 to secretly draw the United States into the European conflicts, where it would fall into Rothschild’s clutches. While the Neutrality Act had forbidden the United States from being directly involved in World War II, the camp facilitated exchanges between the United States and Britain to circumvent it.

During his life, Ogilvy was hailed as “The Father of Advertising” and “the most sought-after wizard in today’s advertising industry.” He was also honored of the Order of the British Empire, reflecting his service to the Crown; and he served as trustee on the Executive Council on the World Wildlife Fund, a charity established by Prince Philip.

After working for Ogilvy, Berlinger became an apprentice for Albert and David Maysles, whose clients include IBM, Shell, and Merrill Lynch. To address each separately, IBM acquired global prominence through its collaboration with the Nazis; among its most profitable product was a system to “track and trace” Jews in concentration camps – an agenda Microsoft, IBM’s heir, has continued electronically and globally to track and trace the public through online activities and commercial transactions. Merrill Lynch is financial advisor to the Seminole Tribe – a tribe with deep ties to international money laundering and the international crime syndicate and ties to the Crown. Lastly, Shell is a notorious Nazi collaborator.

According to John Donovan’s Nazi History of Royal Dutch Shell, “Dutch directors of the Royal Dutch Shell Group engaged in anti-Semitic policies against Shell employers and were guilty of collaboration and appeasement. Jewish employees were instructed to complete a form that for some amounted to a self-declared death sentence.”

Shell was led by by Sir Henri Deterding, who met directly with Hitler, a Rothschild bloodline, and financed the Nazi war machine. A number of his employees were “fanatical Nazis.”

In the years leading up to World War II, Shell conspired with Rockefeller’s Standard Oil and I.G. Farben to covertly import oil production from the United States into Nazi Germany while the U.S. government was kept in the dark. Prescott Bush, the patriarch of the Bush family, was also deeply involved in feeding the Nazi war machine.

If the goal of shadow elite war games is monopoly, Shell did not disappoint. Through its relationship with the Reich, the elites attempted to establish a monopoly on oil in Germany. As the New York Times reported in 1934: “The object of (Deterding’s) recent visit to Chancellor Hitlers (was) to discuss the conditions for granting a monopoly to the Royal Dutch and Shell Companies of petro distribution in Germany for a long period of years. Chancellor Hitler’s terms were unsatisfactory and negotiations were broken down temporarily.”

During his life, Deterding, a known Nazi collaborator, was celebrated as “the most powerful man in the world.” While Shell generated $93 billion through this collaboration between 1943 and 1945, the company never compensated its concentration camp labor.

The Modern Day GOP

As champions of corporate interests led by the City of London, the Republican Party was rendered vulnerable to compromise through its worship of money, starting with the Nixon Administration. As New York Detective “Jimmy Boots” Rothstein reported, Watergate scandal was based spurned by efforts to retrieve a black book of high profile Republican pedophiles.

Years later, The Washington Times uncovered “a homosexual prostitution ring (that) includes among its clients key officials of the Reagan and Bush Administration.”

Meanwhile, Focus on the Family has moved from fundraising off of Ted Bundy to promoting Tucker Carlson as the voice of Christianity and Republicanism.

Another friend of Carlson’s is Dennis Hof, the pimp to politicians.

Buzzfeed reported that Hof was a “Trump-inspired politician.” The owner of several brothels has longstanding ties with Roger Stone, Billie Bush, Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss and Tucker Carlson. He is the proud “face of America’s legal sex industry” and star of an HBO reality TV show, Cathouse, which “chronicled life at his most famous brothel, the Bunny Ranch,” which was frequented by Bill Clinton, who also frequented Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express.

Epstein, of course, had close ties to Wilbur Ross, Trump (and Rothschild’s) bankruptcy advisor; Saudi Prince (and Jared Kushner business partner) MBS; Microsoft founder Bill Gates, among others.

Fleiss’ brother, Mike Fleiss, produced a film, Hostel, which depicts elites paying large sums of money to murder, torture, and sexually assault kidnapped children in dungeons. How does one even conceive of such a film unless one were privy to such activities, which reportedly have been happening?

In an interview for The Tucker Carlson Show, Carlson told Jack Abramoff, an indicted felon who was reportedly running a sex trafficking ring to influence and manipulate politicians on Capitol Hill through his office at the Seattle-based Preston Gates as a lobbyist for Microsoft, that they both knew many of the people on Epstein’s flight log – a remark that inspired Abramoff, to grimace and squirm uncomfortably in his seat.

Hof, a Republican pimp-turned politician celebrated for bucking the establishment while being deeply embedded within it, was “accused multiple times of sexual assault, allegations that were under investigation by the Nevada Department of Public Safety,” Buzzfeed reported.

Meanwhile, Roger Stone, “was grooming (Hof) to be governor one day.”

Hof was inspired by the ability of Trump to “emerge unharmed from the Grab-them-by-the-P thing, referencing the Access Hollyood tape in which Trump boasted of his ability to being able to leverage his celebrity status to sexually assault women,” Buzzfeed reported.

Hof was celebrated among conservative Republican circles – and shared the stage with both Ron Jeremy, a porn star; and Sheriff Joe Arapaio, who was billed as “America’s toughest sheriff” before receiving Trump’s first presidential pardon after being found guilty of criminal contempt of court.

Tucker Carlson “gave (Hof) the push to run” while Roger Stone “came out for him in the primary,” Buzzfeed reported.

Yet, if their public statements are to be believed, Stone and Carlson have found both Jesus despite reports circulatinf about their alleged involvement in human trafficking. For example, Carlson’s Daily Caller and Breitbart both targeted Sen. Bob Menendez in a sting accusing the politician of soliciting underage prostitutes – little girls who were later revealed to have been paid to entrap him. (Menendez refused the solicitation.) Stone claims credit for enlisting a prostitute to entrap Eliot Spitzer, who was investigating corruption in high places, while cavorting with prostitutes. Steve Bannon, a friend of both Carlson and Stone, is close to Epstein and even attempted to rehabilitate his public’s image. Matt Gaetz, a friend of Carlson and Stone, was investigated for the alleged sex trafficking of a minor.

Yet, the GOP waxes dumbfounded when asked about Nazis, telling the public that such boogeymen no longer exist. Meanwhile, investigations into human rights abuse continued to get derailed.

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