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Capturing Carbon: When Greed Overtakes the Public Interest in Food Production

As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump promised to transform the way business was done on Capitol Hill by distancing himself from big donors and serving the public interest first and foremost, in good faith, and with integrity. Great sales pitch. Disappointing product. In fact, influence peddling weighed heavily has upon his decisions. Far from being America-First, Trump has turned out to be a globalist.

Consider the case of Bruce Rastetter, the founder of Summit Agriculture Group who is pursuing a five state, $8 billion pipeline to capture carbon dioxide from ethanol plans and transport the emissions so that it can be sequestered underground. “The so-called Midwest Carbon Express – would cut across private farms on its way to grab carbon dioxide generated from 31 corn ethanol plans in five states,” Mother Jones reports. “It would carry CO2 to North Dakota where the gas would be buried underground. By burying ethanol’s carbon waste, the project would make fuel more climate friendly and by bolstering the ethanol trade, it would boost the price of corn, benefiting the state’s farmers per the pitch.”

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