Gov. Glenn Youngkin made a poor, but expected, choice in hiring Richard Cullen, McGuire Woods Senior Partner as counselor to the State of Virginia.

Youngkin, a high placed executive at the Carlyle Group, was the favored gubernatorial candidate among lobbyists, but despite his many fine attributes, he was destined to serve the interests of the City of London by virtue of his career trajectory.

Cullen had represented Congressman Tom DeLay, the key legislative ally of Republican superlobbyist Jack Abramoff in what became the nation’s most extensive federal corruption probe – one that could have routed out corruption but instead led it to fester.

DeLay was a scoundrel and hypocrite who disgraced his office to an unimaginable degree. While professing to care about children and raise money for them, he derailed an FBI investigation into the murders of children at orphanages in Texas connected to the Bush family.

Child trafficking on Capitol Hill was reportedly coordinated out of the office of Abramoff at Preston Gates, Microsoft’s lobbying firm. One could hardly throw a stone within Abramoff’s circles without hitting a pedophile.

DeLay rallied against special interests, promising to serve the people, only to align with Hillary Clinton to corral corporate campaign contributions under their respective political belts – DeLay on the right by way of the K Street Project and Clinton on the left as chief Democratic fundraiser. Together as a tag team they could ensure that the interests of multinationals were served on behalf of the City of London over those of the American people.

DeLay thundered against President Bill Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal, hammering away at the President’s infidelity after betraying not only his own wife, but his country. DeLay made sure national security concerns with China were pushed aside – after hammering Republicans into backing China’s entry into the World Trade Organization.

What followed was the rapid transfer of U.S. jobs (and wealth) overseas as DeLay gushed about the merits of free enterprise.

While DeLay was prone to grandstanding against billionaire George Soros who funded liberal causes, Abramoff had partnered with the Soros-backed National Endowment for Democracy to overthrow African governments to install puppet regimes more amendable to the financial interests of the City of London.

Abramoff’s activities and associations in African were horrific – involving extreme human rights abuses, even assassinations. By some accounts, these interests helped provide funding for his campaign to become President of the College Republicans, a position that launched his treasonous career that eventually imploded in scandal.

Among those Abramoff approached for funding as President of the College Republicans was Trump and mobster counsel Roy Cohn, who had perfected the political compromise racket before Jeffrey Epstein made it infamous. Cohn boasted that every political office, even the courts, were controlled with money and advised Joe McCarthy who promoted the Red Scare to such a ridiculous degree that allegations of Communism were dismissed from that moment onward, allowing a treasonous agenda against the United States to march onward.

After the Communist Christians reclaimed power in the Kremlin, Abramoff, Soros, Trump/Rothschild bankruptcy advisor Wilbur Ross World Bank economist Larry Summers, among others, helped install pseudo-reformer candidates in Russia who presided over the looting of this country while the Clintons tapped Harvard University to manage USAID funds – much of which went into private accounts connected to these very individuals.

Summers facilitated the USAID misappropriation as President of Harvard University, which became a favorite haunt of Epstein as elites finagled to reorder the world and its assets under their own control.

DeLay ensured that more money was poured into the Russian economy while oligarchs and their reformer enablers were looting the Kremlin and establishing Russia as a base for a transnational crime that would wreck havoc on the world for decades to come….

Al Regnery, who presided over the conservative Regnery imprint recoiled at the mention of DeLay’s name, describing the Congressman as “the most corrupt politician to walk the halls of Congress.”

DeLay and Abramoff would have been continuing their grift, becoming ever more powerful and wealthy – perhaps at the level of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Youngkin, or the late Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld who commanded net worths in the nine figures acquired through public service and access to the government – had they not betrayed their own team.

Abramoff stumbled in Florida – where the Seminole Tribe of Florida was attempting to establish a monopoly on gaming. Among the challenges the tribe faced was a reluctant state legislature that refused to allow casino-style gambling on the mainland, thereby enabling SunCruz, to escort patrons on “cruises to nowhere” instead.

SunCruz was targeted for a hostile takeover launched by the federal government and interests connected to the Seminole tribe. Preston Gates represented SunCruz owner Gus Boulis (the seller), employed Abramoff (the buyer), and had been retained by Ikon Public Affairs (the client).

Ikon employed Roger Stone, who represented the Trump Organization which backed the Seminoles.

The bank which extended the loan – later deemed fraudulent – to Abramoff’s team, who could not afford the purchase, was Wells Fargo, which had just acquired First Interstate Bank – a holding bank presided over by Mary Maxwell Gates, the mother of Microsoft founder Bill Gates and wife of William Gates, Sr. a Preston Gates partner.

Mary Maxwell Gates was a powerful woman, who served alongside her husband and IBM CEO John Open on the Board of United Way of America. In response to Maxwell’s entreaties, Opel enlisted young Bill Gates to provide a Microsoft operating system for IBM, setting Microsoft on a trajectory to become a global market leader in computing.

First Interstate Bank was an outgrowth of a bank which also produced the Bank of America, which bankrolled the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a registered charity of the Crown that devises the global strategy for the City of London and its international drug trade. Wells Fargo was another RIIA financial backer.

Bank of America is also institutional partner of the World Economic Forum; its investment arm is Merrill Lynch – the Seminole’s investment advisor which Congress has flagged for money laundering.

Once Boulis protested the fraud and demanded to be paid, he was murdered in cold blood by Gotti and Gambino gangsters.

Undeterred and lacking in remorseful, Abramoff joined Greenberg Traurg, the firm Trump had retained as tribal casino advisor for the Seminoles – until he was ousted through a federal prosecution stemming from SunCruz and his corrupt lobbying on behalf of tribal casino clients.

With counsel provided by Carlyle Group’s James Baker, Greenberg Traurig represented Bush-Cheney in the contest for Florida’s electoral votes in the 2000 presidential election, securing a win for the Republicans – and vast influence with the Department of Justice.

According to Alaska common law Judge Anna Von Reitz, Wells Fargo is a front for the Department of Justice: “The U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL played with the Wells Fargo Bank Trademark while using WELLS FARGO BANK as a securities broker,” she writes. “As always, it isn’t just a matter of what appears in front of your nose, it’s a matter of what should be there —- and isn’t. For example, while all these ‘banks’ appear to be banks, they are all actually acting in a different capacity — that of credit brokers. Remember how I told you that although they continued to use the name and logos of ‘Wells Fargo Bank’— as if it was still functioning as a bank, the cretins in charge of the U.S. Attorney General’s Office who used ‘Wells Fargo Bank’ to monetize land assets that don’t belong to them, were in fact acting as Securities Brokers and not as a bank at all? This is because only a few Eastern and Muslim banks deal in actual money— money that has intrinsic value in and of itself. The rest all deal in “monetized credit’.”

The fraud in which Abramoff was connected led right back into DeLay’s office. After Abramoff betrayed his own co-conspirators, the knives came out and he and DeLay found themselves targeted for criminal prosecution by the very government they had weaponized against others.

The ensuing investigation, which was driven by said co-conspirators, principally netted only Abramoff and DeLay and a few incidentals, while covering up for others.

The truth, at least key parts of it, were poised to come out in 2008, when Sen. John McCain was the Republican presidential candidate. McCain had campaigned on the Abramoff matter to reinforce his bona fides as a reformer after holding hearings into Abramoff’s tribal lobbying within the Senate Indian Affairs Committee.

Abramoff promptly killed my publication prospects while advancing false narratives through the Huffington Post – whose founder Arianna Huffington had been aligned with Abramoff’s team since Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America.

The Soros-backed Huffington had cofounded her blog with Andrew Breitbart, whose Breitbart news site was conceived in Israel on advance Rothschild Zionism.

Abramoff took my work out of circulation and then advanced a false narrative under the byline of a reporter who collaborated with Trump/Epstein counsel Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz.

On August 17, 2010, when the federal government was still hot on DeLay’s trail, the Congressman’s publicist shot me an email, stating: “A lot came up about TD and seminoles and Michigan tribe yesterday, when I have more time, I’ll call. Also one question was asked if TD met at FedEx field with the casino boat funders, do you know anything about that?”

The information was provided to the publicist. That afternoon, literally within hours, federal charges against DeLay were dropped, as Politico reports: “The Justice Department’s decision not to bring charges against Tom DeLay after a six-year probe is the latest sign that DOJ’s investigation into disgraced former lobbyist Jack Abramoff is drawing to a close, without bagging the man prosecutors once thought might be the biggest prize of all — DeLay himself. But in fact, DeLay is the fourth prominent politician whose federal investigation suddenly evaporated in recent months.” (I had been providing DeLay’s team evidence concerning the co-conspirators since March at the direction of Abramoff.)”

DeLay’s attorney was Cullen.

Once Abramoff and DeLay were in the clear, DeLay and Abramoff returned to lobbying with the very networks of co-conspirators they had been shielded.

In 2011, once Abramoff and DeLay’s misuse of my evidence had come to light, I retained counsel to strike down the false narrative and unauthorized use of my work– which had been misused by them and posted on the Huffington Post to cover up crimes.

I was approached by an attorney to represent me in this matter – only to discover that he was being advised by Trump attorney/DeLay advisor Cleta Mitchell.

Opposing counsel representing the Huffington Post in the copyright infringement suit was McGuire Woods – over which Cullen presided as Senior Partner – a blatant conflict of interest.

The Huffington Post refused to removed the false narrative – and unauthorized use of my work which had been solicited by me under false pretenses by Abramoff and passed onto a reporter who then spun my work. The reporter also claimed as his partner, film director Alex Gibney who partners with Jemima Goldsmith, a Rothschild, on films.

Cullen’s firm was aware of the conflicts and how my work was misused – but dug in its heels, sparing no effort to ensure that the false narrative remained the gospel truth and that the federal corruption probe was never expanded – but was instead used as leverage to have federal charges dropped against DeLay.

McGuire Woods was later retained by a Breitbart associate to target reporters at the Voice of America who were critical of Trump, inspiring allegations that it had engaged in conflicts of interests on behalf of Trump-connected interests.

Meanwhile, with SunCruz eliminated as competition, the Seminoles moved full steam ahead to acquire a casino compact with the state of Florida. The son of judge who had presided over the SunCruz case was on hand to negotiate the deal.

The tribe beat out the competition to acquire the Hard Rock franchise for $1 billion, with Greenberg Traurig and Merrill Lynch negotiating.

Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo, and the Seminole Tribe were then offered opportunities with Abramoff’s former clients.

One month before the 2008 presidential election election, the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe made a “one time exception to normal policy” to authorize six Council Members to meet the Seminole’s Assistant Chief Larry Harrison,” according to Tribal Council minutes dated October of 2008.

A Tribal Minute dated April 15, 2009 reflects that the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Council “moved to approve the Wells Fargo Banking Agreements to create bank accounts for the Investment Trusts; and approve the Money Market Account Agreements with (Merrill) Lynch Funds for each of the Investment Trusts, contingent upon fully executed contracts.”

The Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Council then announced “a bold vision” to transform the tribe’s sleepy reservation in bucolic Mt. Pleasant, Michigan into an eco-friendly tourist destination replete with indoor water and motor sports facilities, indoor ski slopes, a fishing pond, waterfalls, a lodge, theme park, bowling alley, a Cineplex movie theater, and expanded gaming operations under the Hard Rock brand name, the tribe’s newsletter revealed. The new businesses were to run on green energy.

The Tribal Council projected that it could create conference facilities to rival those in Detroit, Lansing, and Grand Rapids for convention business. The Tribal Council then formed a Migizi Economic Development Company to “oversee the acquired business and any possible business acquirements or developments.”

Once Migizi was created, the Michigan tribe’s billion dollar portfolio was injected into this new company, according to Dr. Ahmed Kooros, whose investment strategies helped the Saginaw Chippewa acquire $1 billion portfolio status.

The Seminoles, Kooros said, proposed launching a Hard Rock casino in Michigan. The idea was for the Saginaw Chippewas to provide the capital while both tribes split the profits. All the Hard Rock brought to the table was a brand name. After evaluating the plans, Kooros concluded that Hard Rock’s proposal was financially unsound, but his concerns went unheeded.

On January of 2009, Migizi informed the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Council that it had engaged (Hard Rock Chief Executive) Hamish Dodds about a “Letter of Intent,” outlining “the terms of the agreement.” And then after a short engagement, the entire Saginaw Chippewa $1 billion portfolio vanished into thin air, Kooros said.

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