In 2006, I began working with Republican superlobbyist Jack Abramoff to write a book that provided a comprehensive account of the scandal surrounding Abramoff and the ensuing federal prosecution.  Abramoff granted me the exclusive — which included access to his contacts and the opportunity to speak with him at length in prison.

I also acquired key legal documents at the center of the investigation — and access to the Indian tribes at the center of the investigation along with reams of documents.

Abramoff derailed every opportunity for me to publish the book as he moved to cover up the alleged misconduct I had uncovered with a view to positioning himself for a return to the political establishment as lobbyist .

The truth he sought to withhold from the public will be revealed in an upcoming book published by Trine Day.

Lynched went through many iterations as I followed the threads surrounding the investigation from 2006 to 2012.

What you learn in this book:

—How a team surrounding Donald Trump set up Abramoff for criminal prosecution in order to claim the superlobbyist’s business for themselves.

–How this team conceived and drove the scandal through the media, Congressional Committees, reform groups, courts, and Department of Justice on trumped up allegations and left Abramoff holding the back for alleged crimes committed by others.

–How the people surrounding Trump weaponized the Department of Justice to eliminate competition and professional rivals, shore up markets, and scapegoat others for alleged crimes they committed.

–The truth behind other Trump-driven partisan prosecutions and the roles played by MGM, Mark Cuban, Rockefeller-backed groups in manufacturing fake realities and cover up alleged crimes in the brutal quest for market share and profits.

–The tribal origins of the Deep State.

–How a group of alleged fictitious Indians came to govern the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe and allegedly fleece the tribe of $1 billion.

–The inside scoop on some of the most hotly contested casino wars in the  nation.

–How Roger Stone-ally Tucker Carlson helped rehabilitate Abramoff and positioned him to lobby the Trump Administration.

And much more!

After completing the book, I had acquired a lot of compelling information on how elites had established personal fiefdoms and projected social democracy into the United States through the backdoor of the nation’s federally recognized Indian tribes, much of which could not be incorporated into Lynched.

The Tribes that Rockefeller Built therefore picks up where Lynched takes off, revealing:

–The tribal origins of the S&L scandal.

–How neoconservatives and liberals consolidated power and wealth through Indian tribes.

–How tribal casinos funded the M&A divisions of the major investment banks.

–How tribes were incorporated into the wider Green agenda and generated untold billions for private contractors.

–The tribal origins of the Carlyle Group and the military-industrial complex.

–How elites have seized the nation’s natural resources, land, and wealth — and shored up market shore through Indian tribes.

And much more!

The nation’s federally recognized Indian tribes serve as off-shore jurisdictions on American soil through which elites have amassed and laundered untold sums of money. In recent decades, these tribes have been weaponized against the American people and Natives. As goes Indian County goes America, and so it is important to understand what has transpired there.

The Tribes that Rockefeller Built is available on Amazon.

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