Royal Blood Lies

When I discovered that Jesus had established God’s government on Earth and that “Victoria’s secret” involved a secret bloodline, I just had to investigate.

My investigation led me back to the founding of the Roman Empire — and then through its bifurcation into the Holy Roman and Byzantine Empires.

I followed the bloodlines to uncover how the Vatican usurped what Jesus had created — and how the Rothschilds acquired control over the Vatican — after facilitating and financing revolutions and wars over centuries to fell governments, placeĀ  nations in their debt, and seize the natural resources and assets of the world for themselves while enslaving humanity.

This book is an excellent primer for how the Rothschilds acquired wealth and power that they did. You will never look at Sotherbys the same way.

The book, Royal Blood Lies, is available on AmazonĀ  — and Audibles.

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