The Saudi Swindle

In this well-researched book, Susan Bradford reveals how the deceptions surrounding the Saudi petro-dollar provided the basis for a new green/AI-based economy, pandemic lockdown, BRICs, and the government’s response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Saudi Arabia is the development partner of the World Bank and a key linchpin in the New World Order through which the City of London — by way of the United States — projects its global hegemony and has pursued global development with a view to establishing a global monopoly on wealth, power, and commerce while leaving the American people holding the debt.

With the World Bank setting the price of oil in the global market and coordinating with Central Banks and client governments worldwide — and the United States printing an endless amount of money, globalism promised to make a handful of elites extremely wealthy and powerful. The system worked for a while, buttressing a global supply chain subsidized by American taxpayers with cheap Saudi oil — until the Saudi oil fields were damaged.

The global planners needed to change course and quickly — what follows were a series of deceptions, betrayals, and alleged crimes against humanity in which the very interests who created the problems plaguing the world sought to mitigate them

This book places the petro-dollar within a wider global scheme that overlaps with human trafficking arms trafficking, money laundering, and drug running, revealing the networks, strategies, history, kleptocracy, and shameless, self-serving actions of a transnational crime syndicate, spreading like cancer throughout the globe — the descendants of pirates, mercenaries, and thugs who seek to redistribute all of God’s creation to themselves while enslaving everyone¬† else.

Their crimes are documented, their history is long, and the truth will set we, the people free.

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(c) 2024 Susan Bradford