Second American Revolution

I wrote The Second American Revolution after stumbling upon the audio recordings of Dr. Peter David Beter, President John F. Kennedy’s general counsel at the Export-Import Bank.

Inspired by Beter, this book reveals a secret plan hatched by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds to nuke the world so they could emerge from underground bunkers and claim it for themselves. With Rockefeller controlling the Kremlin and Rothschild controlling London and Israel, their nefarious plans were derailed when the Russians purged the Bolsheviks and implanted them into the American establishment, with Kissinger’s help — setting the stage for many of the problems that confront out nation today.

The Russians have acquired the technological advantage — which JFK countered with the space program.

According to Beter, one of the secrets to Russia’s ability to wrestle free from globalist control was its skillful use of robotoids – a strategy the Rothschilds met with their roll out of synthetics.

After Kissinger orchestrated the fall of the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds rose in ascendancy to become the shadow ruling hand behind the United States and its institutions.

Read the fascinating details in The Second American Revolution, which is available on Amazon.

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