Shadow Dragon

I wrote The Shadow Dragon after discovering Pastor Lindsey Williams’ The Energy Non-Crisis.

A trusted pastor for senior oil executives and elites, Williams passed along the secrets to the public with the hope that the American people would be able to avert the sinister agenda globalists had in store for them.

According to Williams, enough oil was discovered in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to render the United States energy independent for centuries. Somehow the oil companies were prevented from drilling. With a little research, my worst suspicions were confirmed — that Sen. Henry Kissinger had intervened, providing me with valuable insights that led me to uncover the secrets surrounding the Alaska Native Organizations, Carlyle Group — and the launch of the petrodollar, as part of an agenda to weaken the United States for global takeover.

The Shadow Dragon reveals the secret agenda launched at the Yalta conference, which ended World War II to elevate Communist China to leader of the New World Order and a global marketplace while relegating the United States to the status of a bankrupt welfare state. Henry Kissinger was trained in the City of London to advance this goal.

The Shadow Dragon reveals Kissinger’s influence upon the American political establishment along with his efforts to advance the China agenda through successive Administrations. America’s political and corporate classes were all too willing to go along and  sell out the United States for money and power.

I also provide detailed information on how Kissinger colluded with George H.W. Bush and Chairman Mao Tse-tung to subvert the United States and lock the country into a series of interdependencies to cripple our great nation and prevent it from acting in its own interests.

The Shadow Dragon is available on Amazon.

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