United Church of Heist

My grandfather, Judge William C. Dixon, conceived and authored the constitution for the United Church of Christ, a Protestant amalgamation of the Anglican, Evangelical, and Reformed Christian denominations.  The UCC was part of an ecumenical effort to unite Christianity under the spiritual leadership of Jesus Christ to complement the United Nations as a world government. At the time, well-intentioned people, like my grandfather, were enlisted to a sinister plan for global tyranny.

My grandfather was a leading federal prosecutor who served on the Ziabatsu mission — which restructured the Japanese economy after World War II, laying the foundation for the free enterprise to emerge in Japan. He was also a leading federal trust-buster who prevailed against Standard Oil et al before the U.S. Supreme Court.

A direct descendant of the Pilgrims and patriots who fought in the American Revolution and World War II, I firmly believe in the values and traditions upon which this nation was established and am knowledgeable in American history which self-serving elites have attempted to rewrite to erode U.S. exceptionalism, leaving its good people to blame for their crimes against humanity.

I was born, raised, baptized, and confirmed within the UCC, a church I loved and which instilled within me a deep sense of ethics, integrity, and devotion to Jesus and the Creator.

After studying abroad in England, I returned to the United States to discover an altogether different church — one that was promoting socialized medicine, open borders, alternative lifestyles, homosexuality in Boy Scouts, and global governance under increasingly tyrannical UN control. Upon walking into a church in Northern Virginia, I was greeted by a community organizer who attempted to enlist me to march in campaigns that advanced Communism.   I marched out the door instead and researched other denominations I might wish to join — only to learn that the same cancer that had overtaken the UCC had overtaken the other denominations.

What had happened to the church — and how had it transformed into a hotbed of radicalism?

My investigation into the backstory of the church which Barack Obama and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright claims as his denomination reveals the influence of World Council of Churches and the corruption of the church by the Rockefellers. Shamefully, they have used the church of the nation’s founders to attack our beloved nation!

If Wright and Obama had been honest, they would have acknowledged that the Christians — both with England and in the nation’s colonies  — were among the first to condemn and reject slavery — which had been brought to our shores and promoted by the merchants aligned with the Vatican and Rothschilds.

Ecumenical denominations have partnered with pharmaceutical companies, which control the government. Imagine that the major oil companies (Rockefeller et al.) dominated the oil industry, which spurred the chemical companies — and the pharmaceutical companies, and that most of our pharmaceutical companies are now producing their products in China, with the full support and cooperation of the Vatican/Rothschild-backed Communist Chinese government, and that the WCC was infiltrated by the Rothschild-backed Bolshevik-led infiltration into the Russian Orthodox church — and suddenly the church’s radicalism makes sense.

Ecumenical churches have been weaponized  against the American people.

United Church of Heist further reveals how the elites work through congregation-based community organizers to mobilize congregants into lobbying efforts — in concert with Big Pharma — to demand passage for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), open borders, pour America’s wealth into overseas aid, and much more!

You will likely find the answers you have raised on why your church no longer preaches the Gospel, but has instead embraced an uncomfortable Godless materialism. I was happy to discover that even though the churches have been thorougly corrupted, the spirit of Christ remains  very much alive in America!

The United Church of Heist is available on Amazon.

An excerpt of the book was published by the Capital Research Center.

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