Susan Bradford Welcomes You!

Susan Bradford is a prolific author,  investigative journalist, and broadcaster, who follows the money to reveal the truth and agenda behind the machinations of powerful special interests.   She explores global trends as they impact the strategic interests of the United States — and delves into the blood lines, history, strategies, technologies, evolving financial systems, and networks.

As an undergraduate, Susan interned at CBS-TV News in Los Angeles. After graduating from UC Irvine with a BA in English, Susan wrote broadcast news copy for KNX (CBS) news radio and provided production support for the PBS Red Car Film Project. As the Hollywood Women’s Press Club’s first student member, Susan served on the HWPC’s Board of Directors, Golden Apple Awards Committee, and Scholarship Committee.

Susan earned her MA in International Relations from the University of Essex.   As Liaison Officer for the European Society, Susan coordinated student trips to the European Commission, European Parliament, Council of the Europe and European Court of Justice. She accompanied MEP Hugh Kerr on a “listening tour” to the European Parliament — and organized campus debates on European integration featuring leading Europhiles and Euroskeptics.

While studying at Essex, Susan founded and edited the European Review,  the departmental publication for the Centre for European Studies which published articles on European economic, strategic, and political integration from leading heads of states. As foreign correspondent, she covered the Council of Europe Summit in Madrid which launched the euro; an anti-NATO debate in the Russian state Duma, and the Britain in the World conference.  Susan interviewed Baron Robert Rothschild, a founding architect for the European Coal and Steel Community, about his family’s vision for the European Union and the emerging world government. 

As Senior Research Fellow for the Atlantic Council of the UK, Susan served on the NATO Universities Committee, organizing conferences for NATO leadership; and represented the ACUK at events hosted by the Atlantic Treaty Association, the Standing Conference of Atlantic Organizations, and European-Atlantic Group. She also wrote and edited foreign policy publications for the ACUK which were distributed to Parliamentarians, universities, the media, and the public.

After graduating from Essex, Susan was appointed Acting Editor of the New Atlantic Initiatives, an eponymous newsletter based upon the NAI which documented the emergence of a TAFTA (Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement), as conceived by Baroness Margaret Thatcher, Henry Kissinger, and Helmut Schmidt to establish a common market merging NAFTA and the European Union.

While working in London, Susan wrote speeches for UK Shadow Foreign Secretary Michael Howard and managed the Robin Cook portfolio. Thereafter, she relocated to Washington, DC where she joined Fox News Channel as a producer for Brit Hume’s Special Report and Fox News Sunday. Afterward, she worked as assignments editor for the Voice of America, editing, supervising, and producing broadcast scripts for VOA foreign and domestic correspondents. At the height of the North Korean conflict, Susan joined the South Korean Embassy as speech writer for Korean Ambassador Sung Chul Yang.

Susan was lead investigative journalist on the Abramoff investigation, the nation’s most far reaching federal corruption probe. The exculpatory evidence she unearthed prompted the Department of Justice to move to re-sentence Republican superlobbyist Jack Abramoff — and drop federal charges against House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.  With truth and candor, Susan has broken new ground on the nation’s impenetrable federally recognized Indian tribes, casinos, government corruption, and intrigue. A prolific writer, Susan has written and ghost written many books that document the realpolitik, networks, and shadow machinations of the financial and political elite. Her articles have appeared in the Capital Research Center’s Organizational Trends, The Washington Times, The European Review, and elsewhere.


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