Abramoff Scandal

I am the leading investigative journalist in the Abramoff scandal — the nation’s most extensive federal corruption probe. This opportunity fell into my lap through mere happenstance.  Intuitively while reading about the Abramoff scandal, I discerned that he was “innocent” of the charges against him, based upon how aggressively, even desperately, the media was marketing the scandal against him. If he were guilty, why not just report the facts and let them fall where they may? Moreover, Abramoff seemed genuinely contrite and somehow victimized by circumstances. The impression I received was of a highly creative, even brilliant, out of the box thinker who had run circles around the typical two-dimensional Capitol Hill careerist. I perceived jealousy in the attacks against him — a feeling of “how dare this outsider come into our territory and best us. Who does he think he is? We’ll show him!”

Another intuitive impression I received was that the story surrounding Abramoff, if told in its entirety, would set the nation free. The year was 2006 — and the American people were just coming to grips with the implications of a post-September 11 world, one in which their civil liberties were gradually being eroded, their cherished freedoms squelched, their wealth whittled away by forces unseen. Something very dark and sinister was underfoot within the nation.

After his attorneys received my pitch to write a book about him, Abramoff invited me to meet him at Eli’s deli, a kosher Jewish restaurant in Washington, DC. Abramoff was unmistakable, with his sparkling charisma, piercing intellect, and larger-than-life presence. He also seemed incredibly decent, even honorable, an earnest, hard-working man of integrity who had been chewed up and spit out by the corrupt political machine. I was interested in researching the truth of what had happened to him and tell his complete story, particularly as his voice had been largely absent from media coverage.

Upon receiving my pitch, Abramoff said that I was an answer to his prayers, that I was an “angel sent by the Almighty” and granted me the exclusive.

The fact was that I had prayed about my decision to approach Abramoff – and that this was a divine calling, one in which I was determined to  uncover the truth surrounding the scandal that engulfed his career and placed him in the crosshairs of the federal government. The truth surrounding the Abramoff scandal is Earth-shattering — his case was based upon partisan prosecution to deflect attention and culpability from powerful forces subverting our democracy.  Through a proper accounting, our federal government and its judiciary can be put to right.

The three books on the Abramoff scandal are as follows:


Jack Abramoff, Rothschild Zionist; and

Taking Back America