A Clean Break

In 1996, the neoconservatives/Zionists unveiled a strategy to elevate Israel at the expense of the United States. Entitled A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm, the document prepared for Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, proposed, among other things, a “clean break”  directing Israeli energies towards strengthening Zionism by way of economic reform and strategic imperatives.

In lieu of peace, A Clean Break proposed  containing and destabilizing other nations while transforming its relationship with the United States from one of dependence to one of “self-reliance.”

As a leading Zionist, Jack Abramoff, s lobbyist for Microsoft at Preston Gates, served the interests of leading Zionists, including Jacob Rothschild, while working toward securing the election of Boris Yeltsin and other reformers within the former Soviet Union  during the Clinton Administration who presided over the looting of the Russian government and transfer of wealth from the United States to the oligarchs.

Abramoff attempted to transform the Jewish nation to a leading oil producer within the Middle East — to render the United States DEPENDENT UPON ISRAEL for its energy and security needs.