Who’s Who

Jack Abramoff: The most influential lobbyist during the Administration of President George W. Bush — and central figure in the nation’s most extensive federal corruption probe in history.

Tom Rodgers of Carlyle Consulting -An Irish-Catholic who identifies as Native-American and prides himself in “beating up white boys,”  lost business to Abramoff. Advised Native leaders on their participation in the National Gambling Impact Study Commission which sought to end “cruises to nowhere,” taking direct aim at SunCruz, a casino fleet in Florida  Abramoff attempted to acquire/eliminate as lobbyist for Microsoft on behalf of the Seminole Tribe of Florida which viewed the fleet as competition for its wider casino ambitions.  Takes credit for being the “mastermind” behind manufacturing the Abramoff scandal and driving it through the Senate Indian Affairs Committee and Department of Justice — for which he has received ethics awards. Recognized for influencing the Hill on issues from cannabis policy to tribal recognition — a cause celebre among Russian oligarchs.

Adam Kidan — disgraced businessman  (far right) who partnered with Abramoff  in effort to acquire/sabotage SunCruz fleet — on behalf (allegedly) of  the Seminole Tribe of Florida’s casino operations whose tribal casino counsel, Greenberg Traurig, was bankrolled by Donald Trump.

Gus Boulis — Greek shipping tycoon and SunCruz owner who was being forced out of the shipping business by the federal government. As part of his engagement with the federal government, Boulis retains Preston Gates — the firm which employed Microsoft lobbyist Jack Abramoff and which held Ikon Public Affairs (a firm which employed Trump lobbyist Roger Stone and represented the Trump Organization.)  Preston Gates offers to have Abramoff (and Kidan) purchase the fleet from Boulis, with the firm presenting all parties. A deal is forged whereby Boulis can retain a secret stake in the fleet while Abramoff and Boulis from the business. As a bankrupt, disbarred attorney, Kidan manages to secure a multi-million dollar loan from Wells Fargo — which had been taken over by First Interstate Bank, with Bill Gates’ mother serving as Director. The bank somehow accommodates the liabilities of all parties to structure a loan allegedly rife with fraud.  After being cheated out of his business, Boulis goes public with the fraud  only to murdered in cold blood by gangsters affiliated with the Gotti and Gambino crime families. Counsel for the gangsters said that the Seminole Tribe’s role in the murder was always “suspected, but never explored” —  a curious fact considering that Meyer Lansky, the founder of the National Crime Syndicate who worked with the Gottis and Gambinos, seeded the Seminole Tribe’s first casino.


Scott Reed coordinated  Abramoff’s tribal clients for their participation in the Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearings before he and his business partners claimed the clients for themselves.

Tucker Carlson helped rehabilitate Abramoff on his personal redemption tour, building bridges between him and his accusers, like Melanie Sloan, the head of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), which drove the prosecution against Abramoff.

Mark Penn: After Abramoff’s scandalous hi-jinx in Florida resulted in murder and exposure of massive fraud that could potentially implicate the Clintons, Microsoft, Trump, and many others,  the Microsoft lobbyist and Senior Clinton PR/media strategist founded CREW to scapegoat Abramoff.

Hillary Clinton: Abramoff believed that she controlled the FBI and was driving the prosecution against him and Congressman Tom DeLay to protect her interests — and those of her global handlers.